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A clean parking garage offers a proper first impression to your employees and visitors. A regular scheduled service program for your garage can the maintain its appearance and sanitation requirements. Facilicare has been cleaning both above and underground parking garages in the tri-state region for over 25 years.


 Our service includes cleaning your concrete surfaces such as ramps, landings, walls, parking stops, and stairwells. With our garage cleaning program, we remove surface dirt, grime, oil, and salt residue. With the use of pressure washing equipment, ride-on auto scrubbers, and proper chemicals, our service team can service any type of garage.

Improve Curb Appeal and Clean Appearance

Lesson Liability from Slippery Surfaces

Protect Your Garage Investment

Prevention of Structural Damage

Our service spans throughout New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland. We pride ourselves in delivering our customers a consistent experience of satisfaction.

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