About Us

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In 1984, Dennis W. McCullough and Dennis McCullough together launched a maintenance company to offer a formula of committed excellence in the janitorial industry.  From that spirited beginning 30 years ago until today, Facilicare Solutions has continued in that quest to faithfully strive to be the very best for our customers and employees.

Based in Mount Laurel NJ, Facilicare Solutions has matured into a project management, maintenance and consulting company. It services companies in the Mid-Atlantic region including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York and Maryland.  Its portfolio of facilities it services ranges from corporate campuses, real state office buildings, government, healthcare, school districts and universities.

Standards and Values

We strive to build a commitment-based culture that first starts with a dedicated effort to serve each client with integrity. Taking the effort to provide ownership with honesty to bring reciprocal benefits to those we serve.

Service Excellence

We are committed to provide service excellence to achieve high marks in client satisfaction.  With our trained workforce and attentive management strive to deliver what is promised and dealing well with any problems and queries that arise”.  

Service Safety

Facilicare has over 35 years’ experience in meeting safety compliance at our work place locations. We are committed to fostering a work culture that encourages creating and maintaining a safe work environment. Our experience and expertise in both service and safety training ensure our personnel are well suited in following industry safety standards.

Service Professionalism

Maintaining the right attitude and decorum is key for all Facilicare personnel. We strive to develop a workforce that represents and mirrors the standards of our clients in our interactions with their staff visitors and customers.

For more information, please call us at 856-231-8998, or email us at info@facilicaresolutions.com